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Dispelling Myths: How to Buy Clothes Wisely

While we live in an era of consumerism and there is a constant pressure to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, little do shoppers realize that quality clothing is a factor that should be considered when purchasing clothes. So what is quality? The general rule of thumb is that higher the quality of clothing, the longer the garment will last. There are many myths that surround the purchasing of quality clothing, namely that quality means spending more money. But in actual fact, quality implies the originality or the genuineness of the fabric and the craftsmanship that has gone into the stitching or the construction of the garment. Read on for the more common myth surrounding garments of quality.

Myth 1: Quality Means More Expensive

For the modern day trendsetters who spend much of their time browsing the branded stores at the mall on the pretext of buying quality, little do they realise that not everything they buy will last even if it’s branded. A simple shirt if made using the best fabric will last as long as it can if constructed well. In most instances, it is just the high price tag that leads consumers to believe automatically that they are buying quality clothing. An item of clothing could be reasonably priced and well constructed but could be overlooked simply because it’s an unknown brand. So don´t always dismiss the more affordable clothing options as being cheap.

Myth 2: Only Certain Brands Should Be Trusted To Deliver Quality

Another common myth is that only certain brands are worthy of bearing the mantle of quality clothing. Many forums will recommend certain brands and review based on the brands and not the type of garment and in what way they attribute the quality to. For instance some brands offer better quality with one clothing item than the next. A sweater might hold up better for a particular brand than their range of jeans. However, if you are looking for the best in silk, then stick to a known brand like The Fable handmade silk shirts, which are durable, comfortable and wearable for any season.

Myth 3: The Quality of the Fabric Is the Same Throughout

Another common myth that is very often associated with quality clothing is that cotton fabric no matter the brand or store remains the same quality throughout. It is a common assumption that the cotton shirts or cashmere sweaters produced in a high-end store are the same quality as those mass produced in regular stores. But actually, there are varying grades of the fabric that are purchased by different retailers. The higher grade cashmere fabrics will have fibres that are longer and more durable while making the sweaters softer than the other grades. Also, another point to note is that the quality of fabrics will also vary from factory to factory. So buying an item of clothing directly from a factory is no guarantee that the quality is the same as those sold at a branded store.

The above tips are just a few of the common myths that mislead consumers from buying clothing wisely, or rather prevents consumers from buying clothing that will last. Quality clothing doesn´t always have to be branded and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Test the feel of the fabric and the way the garment drapes on yourself, by being mindful of what you buy you will be able to buy clothes that last longer and need to shop less frequently.