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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of the car and yet they’re constantly neglected by the majority of drivers. Because of this, tyres aren’t maintained properly until it’s way too late. The ultimate result of this negligence are blowouts which can either leave you stranded on the side of the road for hours or worse- cause your vehicle to skid out and potentially end up in a fatal crash.

Fatal crashes due to tyre blowouts are one of the most preventable causes of death worldwide. The answer is simply good tyre maintenance. This doesn’t mean that you have to shell out the money to get your tyres checked up every month. All you need to do is make a habit out of performing maintenance on your tyres by yourself.

If you’ve never done it on your own before, don’t worry. Check out these simple tips that’ll help you get started:

Keep an Eye on Inflation Levels

A tyre that is either overinflated or underinflated is a very dangerous thing. In the case of over inflation, the tyre pressure is greater than it needs to be. This means that the air particles inside the tyre have more energy and thus are colliding with the walls harder and more often. Hence, overinflated tyres are blowouts waiting to happen, especially during warmer days when the rubber is prone to expand. Similarly, underinflated tyres tend to slump, resulting in more contact with the road. This leads to greater friction and thereby more wear and tear.

Hence, it’s an absolute must that you visually inspect your tyres often and that you keep an eye out for either bloating or slumping.

Check the Alignment of Your Tyres

Having properly aligned wheels is a must for the continued good health of your tyres. Wheels that are misaligned can have more contact with the road and therefore suffer wear and tear faster. In fact, improper alignment can actually half the lifespan of your tyre, causing you to have them replaced much more often.

The most tell-tale sign of misaligned tyres is uneven tread wear on the surfaces. Different wear patterns can point to nuances of the misalignment. For instance, a saw-tooth wear pattern often means a toe-in problem. If you’re not sure whether you can accurately judge the alignment of your tyres, we recommend that you contact the finest local expert on tyres Chirnside park has to offer. Getting some tips from a professional is a great way to learn more about tyre maintenance. 

Choose the Right Type of Tyres

This can seem obvious but make sure the tyres that you purchase are the right kind for your vehicle. If you’re uncertain, we highly recommend that you consult a professional and/or the manufacturer’s manual for the right specifications before you attempt to replace your tyres.

Keep an Eye on Tread Wear

Checking for tread wear isn’t just useful for diagnosing tyre misalignment. It’s also a good indicator of the overall health of your tyres, allowing you to deduce whether your car is still safe to drive. The easiest way to check the level of tread wear is to use an American penny. If the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head can still fit inside the grooves, then you’re still safe.

And there you have it- some simple tips to help you get started on caring for your tyres.