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How to Make Your Car Look like A Million Bucks

You would always want your car to look at its finest whether you’re an automobile enthusiast or just a simple car owner. Cleaning the exterior of your car is not enough to preserve its aesthetics. If you really want to maintain that brand new look of your car, a thorough car detailing is suggested every year.

If your car’s detailing schedule is still too far up and you’ve already noticed marks or flaws on the paint, you can remedy this through waxing and polishing. These two a usually interchanged but there’s a significant difference on how they are done.

Car Waxing

Waxing refers to the process where a coat of wax is applied to the outer surfaces of a car. It forms protective layer that keeps the car’s paint safe from dirt, bird droppings and even the sun’s UV rays. Car wax is insoluble in water so there’s no need to worry about it being washed off by rain. Also, it has a higher melting point so it won’t soften or melt during hot summer days. Waxing gives your car a brilliant shine, just like when it was new. This process is simple to perform and you can actually do it in your garage with the right tools and high quality products. Experts recommend waxing to be done at least twice a year, or even more depending on the car’s usage.

Car Polishing

Most people interchange waxing from polishing and some even think they are just the same. Car polishing is the process where the outer surface of a vehicle is being buffed. An abrasive material is used to remove the top most layers of your car’s protection. However, it works in a fine and subtle way that it doesn’t deal damage to the paint. If you want your car to have that ultra-reflective surface, car polishing is what you’re looking for. Make sure to choose car polishing products that are proven safe and effective on any type of paint.

How to Achieve a Perfect Car Exterior?

There’s no need to spend a hundred dollars in order to recreate your car’s perfect exterior. Here’s how you can do it at home.

  • Clean the car – This is essential since you don’t want any dirt or foreign things interfering along the process. A simple wash will do, just make sure to use mild soap specifically designed for cars and use the correct water to soap ratio. Dry it thoroughly after washing.
  • Buff it – You can do this manually or with a polishing machine. This step removes scratches and swirl marks on the paint. Don’t overdo this as you can cause more damage to the paint if done too much.
  • Wax it – After perfecting the paint, next is to add a layer of protection to your car’s exterior. Stopping on the second step is fine but if you want the perfected look to last longer, always apply car wax.

It takes a lot of practice to become adept in maintaining a car’s exterior. Spend some time in practicing so you can take care of your car with your own hands.