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How To Plan A Budget Trip To Geelong

Well everyone is not loaded with money, so it is only fair if there is help for those who plan budget trips. Planning a budget trip does not necessarily mean going on a trip and having less fun. No, it is absolutely not that! The budget trip means the allocation of money where it is more essential and not wasting it elsewhere. So let’s start planning!


People who go on budget trips need to plan their trips a good few weeks beforehand. Why? Well, airplane tickets get more expensive when the days are closer and so do the hotel prices. So it is important to research about the tickets, visas, hotel, transport, food and recreational expenses. An advantage of research is that you will know how much each aspect will cost and therefore you can allocate accordingly. Another benefit is that you may not require a travel guide if you know the places and the proper locations.

Create A Budget

Depending on your financial situation, create a budget. Remember: you must create a reasonable budget. You cannot justify spending too less when you are on vacation with your family. So it is important to set a reasonable amount of money for the vacation. This is why research is essential before budgeting.

Ticket Reservations

Now that you are on a budget it is advisable to go for economy class. That way you will save money. And book the tickets beforehand, be aware of promotions and installment plans. Try to make the entire process as easy as possible. Don’t forget to book a window seat!

Make sure you get the visas done via an agent. Unlike tickets, visas take a couple of days to get accepted. So it is always best to send it in as early as possible.


Look for cheap accommodation Geelong on the web and results will pour in. There are many sites to compare prices with and many options available. By cheap we mean accommodations with fewer facilities and amenities. You may not have a health club or a gymnasium. You can view the facilities and services provided online. 

Make sure you specify the number of beds and the number of people per room. Otherwise, you may be charged extra for an extra bed.

Do not pay online, that way you can change the hotel if required. But if you must pay, then follow accordingly.


To travel from the airport to your hotel make sure you have made the arrangements. But with improved facilities, vehicle rental facilities are available at the airport too. If you have plans to go from one city to another, then it is best to get vehicle rental or train or bus information beforehand.

If you have plans of traveling a lot, do not pack massive suitcases. It will only make traveling much more difficult.


Plan out the places you want to visit and the activities you want to perform. Map out the areas you want to visit. Make sure your hotel is in the center, that way you will have to spend less on transport.  Plan out everything you want to do. Because will not have so much time to sit and plan in Geelong. Why? Because you want to get started ASAP!


Make sure to check out the weather conditions during your vacation. Summer dresses will not work during autumn or colder seasons. And pack lightly, just the essential items.

These are some tips to plan a budget trip to Geelong. There are several others too. That is why we recommend researching before any planning.