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How to Prepare For Fishing in 4 Short Steps

Whether you are spending a vacation with your family and friends or getting ready to catch dinner, fishing is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors. You can have a great time if you plan your fishing trip properly; get prepped with the right gear and a bit of guidance from the internet or someone who has experience fishing. You will soon find yourself sharing fishing tales with the people around you and it will be a favourite past time in no time. Below are some guidelines that you can make use of if you are going fishing for the first time.

Determine the Spot to Fish At

Pick a fishing spot that you will enjoy spending in because remember that you may have to spend several hours outdoors before you catch them. It is also best to pick a place there is a high chance of catching fish. Public lakes, ponds and rivers are good places to fish. You can also get some advice from other fishermen around your locality or at your local sporting goods store for some tips. There are many local parks managed by the municipality that stock fish in the ponds for anyone to fish. These places are often good for first timers as it is quick and easy for a beginner however, the waters can be dirty and it can get crowded. Make sure not to encroach on other fishermen’s fishing spots. Ocean fishing is also available however you will need a separate license for it and different boat supplies.

Find Out the Type of Fish in Your Area

Many of the local fishing reports will give you a list of the locations and the type of fish that you will likely find in these areas. They will also include the type of things they will bite on and if they do bite at all. Angling shops, marinas and camping stores can be great places to get some tips. Some examples are; catfish which are common river and lake fish in the USA.

Time of the Day

The time of the day matters when you fish. Fresh water fish such as feeders come out to eat at dawn and in the evenings therefore fishing for these types of fish is best done in the mornings and evenings at sunrise and sunset. If you are an early bird, then get to the water before the sun is up to enjoy a quiet and peaceful morning fishing session. If you are more of a day time person, then aim to go for fishing in the early evening.

Make Sure the Water You Fish In Is Clean

You can check the hygiene of the water through the State Department or local municipality to see if it is safe to fish and consume them afterwards. If you don’t intend to eat your catch then, simply release them in to the water again. Ensure you are aware of the rules and regulations for “catch and release” policies. Some fish like the steelheads will not be able to release back to the water.