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List of Basic Car Parts You Should Know

Car maintenance is essential in keeping your car in tip-top condition. See to it that you never miss car maintenance or repair to guarantee safety, too. Having a car is not easy, but it can give you absolute satisfaction because you can go anywhere you want alone or with your family anytime. Moreover, it can provide the safety that you need, and you do not need to stress over about getting irked by other passengers.


Alternator is responsible in keeping your car’s battery running and fully charged. It serves as a generator which powers the headlights and the heater to make you feel warm during the winter season. The alternator is composed of a voltage regulator, and the three major elements such as diode, rotor, and stator. One of the signs of a bad alternator are dull headlights so see to it that your car undergo regular check-up.


Brakes are essential in putting a stop to your car and keep it safe. It is accomplished by means of friction. There are different types of brakes namely electromagnetic, frictional and pumping. Frictional brakes are the most common type and can be grouped into pad or shoe brakes.


A clutch is an essential part of a manual car. It allows you to know what speed of your car should go. It is used in some ways; in managing your vehicle at low speed, shifting the gear, and putting your car to stop. You have to know how to use your clutch in difficult weather conditions to prevent accidents.


Transmission is a machine power that makes sure that there is enough power going to your car wheels. You have to shift gears to make it work. It works like a bicycle wherein when the chain is responsible to making it work. If the chain is damaged or off, the bicycle won’t move. If you do not take care of it, you won’t be able to use it all. Automatic transmission obviously runs an automatic gear which does everything for you. Change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles while some recommend it every 100,000 miles.  If you need car parts for you go and visit auto parts Mandurah. They can provide everything you need for your car needs.

Air Filter

Air filter is needed to eliminate bacteria, mould or pollen. An air filter that consists of adsorbent or catalyst may support in removing gas pollutants and odours. There are different types of filters such as air filter, cabin filter and fuel filter. Change the filter every 12 months or when you reach 12,000 miles but you have to check the car’s manual for details. When your air filter gets older, they become contaminated with dirt and pollutants. The benefits of air filter are countless such as it is affordable and easy to fix, improves fuel efficiency, sustains engine life, and the list goes on.

Understanding all the car parts should be in your top priority before you get one using your own money. By doing such, you’d be able to know your car even more, and you can address the problems right away.