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How to Be Prepared For a House Inspection

A house inspection is really important whether you are selling one or buying one. It is one of the best ways and perhaps the only way to genuinely know what defects are there on the property and how much it will cost you to correct those problems. It will also warn a potential buyer if the property is unsafe for occupancy and will alert a seller if their house is not in the right condition to be sold off. However it is also important that you remain prepared for a house inspection because this can make this a success for both you and the other party involved. Here is how you can be ready for a house inspection.

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Take the Day Off

A lot of people do the mistake of not being home once the house inspector comes and just leaving the keys with somebody so they can do their job anyway. It is important for you to really understand that you need to be there in the house when the inspection happens. If you found the property online when looking for homes for sale dandenong, you will have absolutely no way of getting an unbiased opinion on the condition of the house except through a house inspector. You being there will clarify a lot of different aspects of the condition of the house for you that you will otherwise not be able to identify.

Clean Up the House

If this is your house that is being inspected, it probably would not hurt you to clean up the house a bit more so that it does create a good impression somewhat at least, while the inspector will not be swayed by the looks of the house and will actually note down the facts about its condition, having a clean house that can easily be examined will let them know that you are willing to cooperate and understand what needs to be done. If the house is untidy and they cannot access certain areas of the house correctly, you may be required to reschedule the examination again which means that you will need to spend more time on this.

Leave Enough Space

Sometimes, examiners will need to get in and around close to appliances so that they can gauge what is going on and inspect it for any defects. If they are unable to access these areas freely they will simply ask you to call them for an inspection after you have moved the furniture around and cleared space for them to safely investigate the situation of these appliances. Therefore rather than dragging this on to another day, make sure to clear some space that is sufficient around tiny spaces in your house.

Leaves Locks Unlocked

Some locks are quite tight, others may need an extra tug or a slight pull but these minor defects can be there in any home that is either brand new or really old. The problem is that your examiner does not know about these mundane things in your home and may pull on a lock a bit too hard causing it to beak. For their convenience and yours, it is generally required that you leave any locks inside the house unlocked granting them easy access to the areas.