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Things to Know When Planning a Wedding

A wedding is a union between two families who want to celebrate the happiness between their children and it is also a time of great celebration filled with joy, love and excitement. Whether you are in a love affair or whether it was a person your parents chose you may still feel the same excitement and happiness you should feel. A wedding is not only about uniting two people but the new couple starting one of their own little family too. Marriage is about commitment and time and most of all responsibility about how two people can grow together and share their lives together and live in companionship but above all it is about how two people can grow together, respecting each other and seeing their faults and loving them through it all.

Different Kinds of Weddings

There are different kinds of wedding themes that people or the young couple would like to have and it is important to work it out and see which ‘kind’ of wedding they would like to have. There are many places in the country where you would be able to select places to have your special day and it is very important to find the best venue for you to have them.

So, having the wedding at a favourite destination is what matters the most. Some people like to have weddings outside near a waterfront which gives you the natural breeze and air and makes you feel free. There is waterfront venue Melbourne for those who like outdoor weddings. Or maybe even some reception halls depending when and how you plan your wedding. Here are a few of the listed wedding themes

1.    Fairytale Wedding Themes

This is for the princess in your kind of wedding and it includes dancing in a long flowing ball gown, with a lavish setting and in a reception hall. This is a picture-perfect wedding of ‘Cinderella’ or a classical Disney princess wedding

2.    Retro-Wedding Themes

This is a new concept in the wedding world, combined with a few of these vintage artsy collections this has more of a rustic feeling and gives it an urban look. You can pair it with a bright dress, simple and minimal outfits.

3.    Church and Traditional Weddings

This is the common wedding that is all traditional and these are probably the quickest and simplest to do. The bride walks down the aisle and says, “I do” with the bridegroom at her side.

4.    Candle-Light Wedding Themes

This is a minimal wedding where you have candles and you are surrounded by nature and family to say your “I Dos” it is also a night wedding where the candles are the only light that is being used. This is also a beautiful sight as you marry under the moon and stars.

5.    Elegant Wedding Themes

This is for the people who like to have a little class and finesse within the families, it is mostly gathering for the rich families and includes a wedding procession followed by a family reunion in their homes or at a reception hall and their decorations are nearly all crystal themed.