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How to Throw an Epic 21st Birthday Bash?

There are two types of people in this world. The first are the ones who prepare for their birthday six months in advance and the other ones are those who keep saying that they aren’t excited for their birthday, yet when it arrives, they can’t contain their excitement. If you belong to either of these categories and your 21st birthday is approaching, then these tips are sure to help you throw an epic birthday bash.

Choose the Perfect Venue

The place where you decide to host the party must be chosen keeping the theme in mind. For example: If you choose a Hawaiian theme then a beach party would be ideal. Whereas a masquerade ball could be hosted at a club or hotel ballroom. However, you must ensure that all the facilities that you would require are available at the chosen venue. In addition, you must make preparations for entertainment by hiring a good DJ who is known to make the parties a hit amongst the guests.

Décor and Cake Should Be On Point

The theme of the party should be something unique that reflects your personal style while ensuring that it is chosen keeping the current trend in mind. Something fun like a masquerade ball or you could choose a unique theme such as ‘dress like your favorite movie star’. Either way, it is important to choose the décor accordingly. You could hire an event planner to organize the entire event or you could find a place that is known to create beautiful custom decorations for birthday parties. In addition, it is important to choose a cake that matches the theme as well.

Dress to Kill

The birthday girl is usually the star of the evening as all eyes are going to be on her. Everyone would want to see what you are wearing and how well you are dressed. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of focusing entirely on the cake or décor and end up wearing something shabby from your wardrobe. Go shopping for an outfit that suits the theme or choose something stunning such as a lace midi dress in case you don’t have any specific theme in mind. Remember to accessorize this look quite well and avoid wearing too much bling as that can ruin the entire look. You want to be the star, not look like an actual one throughout the evening!

Keep these tips in mind before planning your 21st birthday and you are sure to have a blast while making sure your guests enjoy too.


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