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Tips To Protect Yourself from the Sun While on Vacation

If you’re someone that easily gets sunburnt, or has sensitive skin in general, then holidaying under the sun can turn into a disaster pretty soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or that you should hide away from the sun. Instead, follow some of our tips for you on how to enjoy your holiday, despite the harsh sunlight.

Finding the Right Sun Lotion

Everyone knows they are supposed to use sunscreens when playing outdoors. But this is particularly unavoidable for someone who easily gets sunburnt. The secret is finding a sun lotion that will be suitable for the area you plan on holidaying at. In other words, its SPF value has to be according to how much sun the area receives. If you have acne and are afraid this will cause you to break out, ask your dermatologist for an acne friendly sunscreen recommendation. Remember that this lotion is not only for those beach days. You can wear your sunscreen under your makeup as well.

Avoid Stripping Your Skin from Its Natural Protection

Harsh soaps and body washes can be damaging to the skin¾especially after a long day exposed to the sun. More often than not, it will strip away what little moisture your skin has. Unfortunately, with how grubby we get while having fun, these products are not avoidable. Instead, find an organic body scrub or body wash that doesn’t aggravate your sensitive skin for this purpose.

Moisturize Your Skin after a Fun Day In The Sun

If you spent even an hour playing on the beach, then it’s vital that you drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body. Quite the same way, you also need to make sure you use an effective moisturizer after you clean off for the day; even if this is not your usual practice. If possible, get yourself a water sleeping face mask, so that you can rejuvenate your face while you sleep. You will wake up feeling fresh and well hydrated.

Aloe Vera: Your New Best Friend

Despite all your carefulness, there’s a possibility that you might still end up getting sunburnt. It’s important that you treat it before it gets painful. Carry a bottle of soothing Aloe Vera gel with you for this purpose. If you’ve sunburnt your face, then we suggest an Aloe+milk+sugar face mask to help soothe it. Adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the above can also help remove the tan if you don’t like how tan you look.

Wearing the Right Clothes Using Protective Gear

Selecting the right materials and wearing the right clothes can mean everything when trying to stay protected from the sun. When not on the beach, cover up so you don’t dry out your skin. Choose airy materials that don’t hold on to your sweat. Avoid wearing tight clothes if possible, as it may result in skin rashes due to the heat. It’s also best if you wear protective gear like sunglasses, wide-rimmed hats and carry an umbrella when appropriate.


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