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Tips To Throw a Great Surprise Party

While it is exciting to throw a surprise party for one of your friends, it also comes with a lot of work and sneaking behind the said friend’s back so that she or he will not find out beforehand. If you are planning to surprise your best friend on their next birthday, here are some tips to make sure your plan will happen smoothly.

Check the Date and Time

This is one part where you have to be a lot sneaky. You need to find out a date and a time where your friend is free and has no important exams or meetings. It is fine if you and the rest of your friends have already decided on s date but make sure the guest of honour or the birthday boy/ girl is actually free on the same day. Since you probably know him/ her close enough to throw them a surprise party it will not be difficult for you to snoop around a little and find out about their schedule and upcoming plans.


While it is easy to surprise them if you are planning on a place that is familiar like theirs or your living room, it will be difficult to plan it without them knowing. And if the guest list is a little big, then you will also have a problem with the available space in a living room. The best thing to do is to hire a function room Croydon and host the party there. Arrange a way of transport for the guest of honour to arrive at the venue and you will have to make sure he/she will arrive on time and not before you have finished the arrangements.

Inform the Guests

You do not want anyone else accidentally asking the details of the party from the one you are trying to surprise. Inform all the guests that this will be a surprise party as it will keep them from spilling the secret without knowing. Let them also know the exact location and the time of the party as all of the invitees has to be there before the guest of honour arrives. Informing early will give them enough time to find the venue and be punctual.

Check the Last Minute Details

Surprise parties can easily turn into a normal party at the slightest little mistake. As the organizer, you need to arrive at the location of the party at least an hour before the guest of honour and make sure everything is on order. Get the help of one or two other closest friends for this. Assign one of them the task of distracting the guest of honour until the time of the party and drive them to the venue. Get your other friend to help you with the last minute details such as decorations, food, snacks and beverages. You will need the extra time to go over everything one last time.

Once all these steps are complete, all you have to do is wait for the guest of honour to arrive and yell “Surprise!” The party will be even easier to plan if you get the help of other friends too, assigning them various tasks such as planning the food, arraigning the drinks, decorations and inviting the guests.