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Types of Swimming Strokes

Swimming is a fantastic sport for all ages. It helps tone muscles and build a great physique when you’re young, and it can help alleviate the pain you get older. Overall, it is a great anaerobic or aerobic exercise that will have you looking fit and toned. Whether you swim at the local pool or in your school swimming pool, you’ve likely heard of a few of the strokes by now. In this article, we’ll be attempting to explain just what the various types of swimming strokes are.

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Regardless of your motivations for swimming, most people swim in one of four styles which are the freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. Let’s get into them one by one.

The freestyle is one of the most popular swimming styles out there because it is the most natural, powerful, and allows you to swim great distances. The freestyle is also called the front crawl and is one of the first proper strokes that beginners learn. All you need to do is lie face down on the water and spin your arms in a windmill motion (one at a time) while kicking the water with your legs. This is a great stroke if you’re targeting speed and is great for competitions and as an exercise.

An alternative method of stroke that is very similar to the freestyle but this time lying on your back is called the backstroke. The backstroke involves you lying on your back and fluttering your legs and cycling your arms like the freestyle. It is usually recommended by doctors to people who suffer from back problems yet want to swim regardless. However, the backstroke can be a little tricky to learn and you might need a bit more time in the pool to get the technique down pat.

Another great workout is called breaststroke. This involves you lying on your front, similar to the freestyle and moving your arms in semicircles from the front of your body to the back while bending your knees and kicking underneath the water in semicircles. This is a good stroke for those who want to laze around a little bit because you don’t need to try too hard to do this stroke. You will naturally be a little upright and relaxed.

Finally, the butterfly stroke is the hardest and most technical stroke of all. It involves moving the arms like windmills at the same time and pushing the water back with brute force while the kicks do a dolphin kick. This is a wonderful stroke to build up to because it is so technical.