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When Is It Better To Rent Rather Than Buy Clothes?

Growing up we have received and heard numerous advice on how we should handle our financial resources. One of these is that it is better that you take a mortgage instead of a lease. But when is it better to rent?

The Advantages

When it comes to retail shopping, it is advisable to rent especially if the clothes and outfits to be purchased will only be used on a single event. No one would want to be dead caught wearing the same outfit in more than one occasion. But for those devoted followers of fashion, this idea might be hard to understand in the beginning since gorgeous clothes are like trophies for them, must be displayed and looked at instead of shipped back to be rented by others. Fortunately, a lot of women began to see the appeal of renting clothes instead of buying. In fact, dress hire Adelaide is possible if ever you need a dress for an occasion. And why wouldn’t it be? There are several reasons why it is better to rent dresses.

It’s Cheaper

You have wanted to wear high end and designer dresses to show up in your class reunion but you are hesitating since you are thinking you could pretty much pay your rent for two months for the price of one dress. So instead of buying, rent one and appear fabulous and successful in the eyes of your ex-classmates and former teachers. No one has to know you have to return the dress after your event.

It’s Practical

We’ve all experience standing in front of our closets thinking “I have nothing to wear” even if in fact our closet is bulging we have to stick a broomstick in the handles just to keep it close. Upon closer inspection, half or maybe more than half of those clothes have only been worn once. Perhaps there are several items still with price tags because of a drunken impulse buying spree. The truth is most women have more clothes than they care to admit. So opt to rent instead of buying a dress that might only end up at the back of your closet hogging some precious space.

It Maximizes the Price of the Dress

We buy clothes for special occasions and sometimes those clothes just serve that purpose, worn for that specific event. A dress worn for your cousin’s wedding is too fancy for an office wear or a dinner with your friends. Of course you would not wear the same dress to another cousin’s wedding since most of your relatives already seen you in it. You weren’t able to fully exploit the money you have paid for the dress. But, if you will rent a dress, you would be able to maximize the price for it since the rental price is more than adequate for a single wear.

It is Trendier

Fashion trends change dramatically. What you bought today for a full, expensive price might not be trendy the next month. Renting dresses is trendier since most collections are keeping up with what’s hip. Furthermore, you would not have a headache (and the regret of wasted money) on disposing of outdated clothes.


With these reasons, it is easier to see why women now see the benefits of renting a dress instead of buying and caring for it especially those with fragile embellishments. For your next event, try and experience it. Revel in the compliments and feel excited for your next bash because now, you could afford to look fabulous and gorgeous every time.


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