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5 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Kids From Getting Sunburnt

Climate change and global warming are very real and impactful, and the effects of it can be clearly seen in how harsh the winters and summers tend to be nowadays. If you’re afraid of what overexposure to the sun can do to your child, the below precautions may be able to help you out.

1. Try To Keep Them Indoors During The Hottest Parts Of The Day

Being outdoors is important for your child, but not when the sun is at its brutal brightest. At this period, being exposed for even the shortest time can dehydrate your child. If your child ignores the heat and stays out for too long, chances are that the heat can cause him to faint. Sunburns and sweat rashes are more likely to happen even with precautions during this period of the day. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to try and keep them indoors during these few hours of the day.

2. Provide Them Shade When They Are At Home

Keeping your child indoors even while at home can be challenging; especially if they love the outdoors and playing in the garden. Rather than making this a daily fight between you and the kids, consider investing in a shade umbrella or tent to stretch out over the garden. Most modern tents can be attached to existing structures; meaning you don’t need to put up extra poles for this. Look for tents for sale in Melbourne for before your purchase.

3. Make Sure They Are Well Covered

Countless research clearly shows that the best protection against the sun, especially for young skin, is to cover up. Though they might fuss, try your best to send them outdoors in long sleeved clothes and clothing that cover their feet. A baseball cap or sun hat should be worn if the sunlight in your locality is particularly strong. Remember that the material you choose to dress them in plays a large part in how fussy they’ll be when wearing them; so always choose the lightest materials, and materials that cause the least irritation for the summer.

4. Make The Use Of Sunblock Lotion A Must Before Leaving The House

Despite all these layers, you make your children wear, be it clothes or hats, there’s still a few places of their skin exposed to the sun. For these areas, a sunblock lotion is a must. This is especially true if your child like to play out in the sun for long periods of time. Always choose a higher SPF than necessary; keeping in mind that their activity can rub off most of the lotion even before they get outdoors. If they have plans to swim, the use of a water resistant sunblock is highly recommended.

5. Keep Them Well Hydrated

Apart from all of the above, if there’s one more major precaution to take in order to protect your child. It would be to make sure he is well hydrated always. It’s best if you could make water easily accessible to him; keeping bottles of it in areas of your home your child usually hangs out in. Make drinking water frequently the norm in your household, so in the years to come, staying hydrated will become a habit.