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Aspects of A Marriage Ceremony That Couples Usually Dismiss But Shouldn’t

Let’s be fair, there is just way too much on the plate of the couple as the da of their marriage draws closer. Between running errands, fitting in all of those appointments, dealing with the hundreds of failed plans and restarting them all over again, it’s a wonder that they even get to celebrate their stag and hen night in peace. In all of the rush, most of the time, the tiny details that help to really liven up the big picture get forgotten by many. Only in hindsight do couples think that they could have done this better as it would have contributed to making their day better. So here are some of those obscure details that you might miss out on, but really should not.

The Climate Conditions for the Day

We all know that a weather forecast cannot be relied on hundred percent but it is not fully wrong. It can give you a generally good idea of what kind of weather you will be expecting on the day of your marriage celebration which has a direct correlation with your venue and seating and attire and everything else. Even if you get the best function space Geelong for your special day, if it is one that is suited for sunny climates and you are expecting a heavy pour, it would make no sense to have it there. In fact you’re ignoring the climate conditions and the season during which the celebration would be held is something that can take away greatly from the beauty of your day.

The Age Group of Your Group

Most couples have to put everything aside in order to console crying babies who cannot deal with the amount of formal clothes that are on them or just simply bored. This mostly happens when there are kids that are too little in your group. It’s either the couple or the rest of the group or all of that plus the parents of the children who run around trying to get them to be alright in the end. It’s really not worth the hassle and it’s not worth it for those children to be put through tiring stress either. So, just to be on the safe side, make sure that the children you choose as your flower girls and Paige boys are one who are at least above six years of age so that they can handle the crowd, the makeup, the clothing and everything else.

The Seating of Your Guests

It’s not just about setting the tables and placing the name cards and putting some great centerpieces. It’s about coordinating and making everyone sit in a way where they will be comfortable and will be able to mingle with everyone. Placing people awkwardly or placing people together if you know that they do not get on well is just being careless. Not leaving enough space for people to move about, not having appropriate lighting and shade or ventilation all can contribute to your special day getting some disapproving comments.