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Considering a Hair Makeover? What You Should Know

Every now and again, all of us tend to get bored with things, be it a job, life or maybe something as simple as hair. Perhaps it is the fact that you have never changed your hairstyle since high school, or that you have not been as open to trying out different things like perming or colouring even just once. So if you have been considering an upheaval of sorts, then you may be understandably anxious, though there really is nothing to worry about. If you are strapped for or overwhelmed with ideas, then what you need to do, is first break the process down into steps. A makeover is most successful only when you have analysed all options, filtering out what suits you best. Here are a few ideas to help.

Not All Haircuts Suit Everyone

Haircuts and eyebrows have one thing in common. Well, two things in common. For one, they are both made out of hair. And for another, they both depend on face shape to ensure they look good. With 5 main face shapes out there, it is important to do a little bit of research and find out which shape and style are fitting for you. If you are partial to long hair but are craving change, then play around with short hair options. Look at bobs, pixie cuts and more, all of which are incredibly trendy, and certainly add an edge to your style. Just remember that what suits one person will not necessarily suit you.

Work With Your Hair Type

Once you have somewhat narrowed down the type of haircut you want based on the shape of your face, now you need to figure out whether it would sit well with your hair type. In other words, if your hair is wavy, curly or dead straight, then would the style you picked out go with it? You see, you need to not just think about what your haircut looks like when at the salon, but also on a daily basis. Can you maintain it? What about having to style it in a rush? Curly-haired people, for instance, find it difficult to maintain a fringe. However, you might be able to find a solution with hair extensions Melbourne perhaps, as you can often try out different things which you normally cannot with your own hair.

Healthy Hair Is Important

In case you are wondering how supermodels and celebrities are able to keep their hair looking so glamorous 24/7, remember that they have an entire team of people to help them out. If you were to subject your hair to that kind of torture on a daily basis, you would most likely be bald within the week. So when it comes to hair makeovers, first make sure your hair is healthy. It should not be thin, dry or brittle. Hair masks are usually a great way to replenish any lost moisture, strengthening your locks in the process.


There are so many new, interesting and intriguing trends to try out, so do not paint yourself into a corner trying to play it safe. Hair grows out, so even if it does not turn out the way you wanted, there is nothing to freak out about. What if it turns out to be good? You would be glad you took the leap, so go on and research as much as you can, so you can have a wide pool of ideas to play with.