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How to Plan a Budget Friendly Wedding?

Congratulations! If you are reading this article that must mean that you recently became engaged to the love of your life. Therefore understandably you may be having the time of your life. But with this joy would also come the realization that you now have to plan your nuptials. This would bring shivers down your spine in no time. That is because you may have heard about how hard it is to plan for this day. Furthermore, you may have also heard about the money other couples spent on this day. But we understand that not everyone has this financial situation. You may be forced to work within a very specific budget. In that case, you may think that you would not be able to have a magical day. But that is not true.

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This can easily prove to be the most expensive aspect of your day. That is because wedding room hire Geelong to cost a significant amount of money. Therefore if you are working on a budget you would be forced to spend half of this on the venue. Then understandably you would not have a dream wedding. That is because you would not be able to afford anything else. Therefore that is why we are recommending you use a venue that is free of charge. For instance, if the event is budget friendly you may not be inviting a long list of people. In that case, you can even arrange to host the event in your backyard or even at your parents. Furthermore, you can use an outdoor space like a park. This way you would not be forced to spend much money on decoration. That is because the backdrop would prove to be more than enough.


Another thing that costs money is initiations. That is because not only do you have to pay for the card and the writing. But you also have to pay a postage fee. Therefore, in that case, it is recommended for one to use email invitations. Moreover, one can even create a Facebook Event page for this day.


We understand that if you want flowers as your decorations there is no option but to pay for them. But instead of using only flowers you can also use other decorative items. Furthermore, instead of purchasing these items you can strive to create them yourself. You can even get the bridal party involved to assist you with this task.

A Magical, Romantic Wedding at Aldie Mansion in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

It is true that weddings are expensive. But you would see ways to combat this statement if you follow the above article.


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