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The Process of Solar Installation for Your Business

The theory of how solar power works is simple enough, however the process of installation comes in different steps. Many companies want to know how long it would take until the whole process is complete and what it takes to do so. The pre-construction phase may vary according to your business but the concept itself remains the same in a general sense.

Choosing a Solar Company

The option of choosing the right solar company must be carefully considered. As a company you need to do your background research on the agent you choose and check whether they are renowned in the trade of solar installation. Their practical experience in doing this on a commercial scale is very important for you to consider, the longer the experience the more confident you would feel about hiring their services. References from other companies who have used their services would definitely give you a valuable insight into their product knowledge and experience.

The Preliminary Inspection

Your facilities and infrastructure would be carefully inspected by the solar company as a first step. Normally a representative or a team would come and pay a visit to the property. They would do some analysis on your load profile that is the average power consumption of your business and in what times it is needed the most. Every business would have its peak hours of energy usage. Your solar agents would then decide the solar system which would give you the best possible results in terms of efficiency. In Australia there is quite a lot of competition amongst solar agents, but certain professionals are very straightforward and efficient in their services. Solarbay commercial solar installation is very quick, no-nonsense and very practical in their approach when getting the best solar solution for your business. Such companies have their own patented technology and data analysis tools to make the process of installation a hassle free one for your business.

The Design and Approval

A schematic will be produced by the agents and shown to you so that you get a basic idea of how the design and layout of the solar panels will be. An inspection will be done on the roof regarding its condition and how feasible it would be for solar panels. After the design is finalized, the agent would then proceed to get the necessary permits required for solar installation. The utility would charge you an application fee but your agent would take you through the whole process. Once utility gives their approval then the agent can proceed with the construction phase.

How long would it take?

Typically if utility gives their approval on time then construction would take about 6 plus months to complete. This of course is dependent on various factors such as the efficiency of your agent, and availability of parts. Funnily enough it is getting the approval and getting the paperwork done that is most the toughest part of the solar installation. Once you’re through this stage the process is very straightforward. Your solar agent would give you an estimated time of completion in construction after the legal formalities are fulfilled.



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